The Jaarbeurs in Utrecht: a triple A location for over a century

The history of the Jaarbeurs

The history of the Jaarbeurs, the second largest event complex in the Netherlands, goes back well into the last century. In 1916, the ‘Association for the organization of trade fairs in the Netherlands’ was established to support trade and industry and increase prosperity. The association chose Utrecht for its first exhibition because of its central location and excellent accessibility.

Over a century later, these are still two major assets of the Jaarbeurs. The extensive event complex lies within walking distance of the central train station and has thousands of parking spaces available. The facilities for visitors and exhibitors are among the best and most modern in Europe: a triple A location, where GROWLANDS is perfectly in place.

A few numbers

The Jaarbeurs consists of eleven halls, covering a total area of ​​100,000 square meters. 79 trade fairs and events and more than eight thousand conferences and meetings took place at the Jaarbeurs in 2018, accounting for more than 2.3 million visitors! The best-known events in the Jaarbeurs include Thunderdome, the Vakantiebeurs (holiday fair), Trance Energy and the Nationale Gezondheidbeurs (health fair). In the past, the Jaarbeurs was the scene of both A Flight to Lowlands Paradise rock festival (1967 and 1968) and the Highlife Cannabis Fair (2003 and 2004). Historic ground, in short!

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