Finally a cannabis fair on Dutch soil again!

Cannabis fairs shot up

Those who wanted to visit a cannabis fair had to travel abroad for the past thirteen years. From Barcelona to Prague, from Berlin to Vienna and from Copenhagen to Athens, cannabis and hemp fairs were launched in the new millennium.

The concept of the cannabis fair is unmistakably a Dutch invention. Already in the early 1990s, Boy Ramsahai, then publisher of Highlife Magazine, developed this hybrid of consumer and business-to-business fair for afficionados, home growers and the cannabis industry. That industry was still in its infancy at the time and was almost exclusively a Dutch affair.

That has changed. In 2020 there is a mature European cannabis sector, with an unbelievable variety of products. On the other side of the ocean, developments and innovation are going even faster. The cannabis know-how and experience that the Dutch have built up over the past fifty years are used to the full in the United States and Canada.

The last Highlife cannabis fair

In 2007 the very last Highlife cannabis fair took place in Amsterdam. More than thirteen years later, cannabis finally comes home again, with a two-day fair at a triple A location, the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. “The cannabis industry deserves a professionally organized fair in the Netherlands,” says Derrick Bergman, one of the founders of GROWLANDS. “Visitors will be amazed by the diversity and the amount of innovations and new products.”

The Smokers Lounge

Smoking is prohibited in the buildings of the Jaarbeurs, but in the outdoor area immediately adjacent to the exhibition hall a comfortable Smokers Lounge is set up where smoking and vaporizing cannabis is permitted. There is a wide range of catering and an exceptional program of master classes, panel debates and workshops, featuring top speakers and experts from around the globe.

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